Santa Clara County Fictitious Business Name Search (DBA or FBN)

There are many names/acronyms to Fictitious Business Name, such as FBN, DBA, and doing business as statement. As stated in the Fictitious Business Name article, the purpose of a FBN is to help consumers identify the owner(s) of the business that they are buying/selling to/from. If you have any suspicion that the business you are dealing with or just want to make sure, Santa Clara County has a searchable database for the public to search registered businesses. If you do not find the business using the following form, more than likely they are an illegal business operating in Santa Clara County.

Use the below form to search Santa Clara County for businesses by Business Name, Owner Name, and Date.

How do I do a San Jose Fictitious Business Name search?

Use the above form. It’s easy to confuse who is in charge of Business Licenses and Fictitious Business Names. Keep in mind that FBNs are handled by your County and Business Licenses are handled by the City.

Visit the City of San Jose Business License Search if you are looking for registered businesses in San Jose.