Fictitious Business Name (DBA)

Santa Clara County Fictitious Business Name is also known as Doing Business As (DBA) and is managed by the County government.

This is a statement that allows consumers to look up to find out who exactly they are doing business with.  This helps prevent some fraudulent activities and helps customers trust people that are in business.  You do not need a Santa Clara County Fictitious Business Name if you have your name in your business (Mark’s Miracle Maker) but if you want to open up a business banking account, you will more than likely need one.

After you file for your Fictitious Business Name, depending on the county you will be required to submit a notice in a locally distributed newspaper within a certain time (30 days) or a particular day (25th day of the month) and for a certain period (4 consecutive weeks).  After this, you must fill out an affidavit or receive one from the newspaper that you published with, and submit it to the county.  This affidavit is a statement that you have published your business in the newspaper as required by law.

Where do I obtain a Santa Clara County Fictitious Business Name for San Jose?

You can obtain your DBA by visiting the Santa Clara County Build at 70 West Hedding Street, San Jose, CA 95110.  You will need to enter the West Wing and locate the Clerk-Recorder’s Office Business Division.

Or, you can access the PDF  version of the Fictitious Business Name Statement.

A DBA statement costs start at $37.35 and lasts 5 years.

There are charges if you want to add a partner or establish it as an organization/corporation.

You will need to do a search for an available business name as well.  They offer the service for a fee but you can do it yourself online.

Santa Clara County DBA Name Search

Find more information from the Santa Clara County website: Fictitious Business Name Filing for Santa Clara County.

You can publish your business in a number of  locally distributed newspaper such as San Jose Mercury News and El Observador.  Costs can range from $50-200+ for your publication.

San Jose Mercury News for Fictitious Business Name Filing:

Call San Jose Mercury News for more information at their main number: 408-920-5000
Or call (408) 200-1000 for San Jose City Times — It’s a smaller legal notice circulation.

Using El Observador for Fictitious Business Name Filing:

Call El Observador for more information at: 408-938-1700

I spoke with a representative and the lady mentioned that they charge $65 for FBN newspaper filings.

Using San Jose Post-Record for Fictitious Business Name Filing:

You can find more information at San Jose Post-Record DBA Filing Website

Reading around it looks like a $145 fee.

Other Publications for DBA Filing