Gilroy Business License Search

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Find out if you are doing business with someone that has their own business license.

Search by business name, owner name, or street name

How do I do a Gilroy Business License search?

The easiest way to search the Gilroy businesses is to click the above document then press “Control + F” and then enter the business name or license number. It should highlight the entry if found and show up red in the find field if the Gilroy Business License does not exist. Or the search field may also show 0 entries found in the document.

How do I Search for Doing Business As or Fictitious Business Name Search for Santa Clara County?

It’s easy to confuse who is in charge of Business Licenses and Fictitious Business Names. Keep in mind that FBNs are handled by your County and Business Licenses are handled by the City.

Visit the the Santa Clara County Fictitious Business Name Search (FBN) if you are looking for registered businesses in Santa Clara County.